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Connect to the Global Community To collectively self-regulate our emotions for balance

If there was a time when we need to ‘be the change we want to see in the world, it is now.

It is not easy to stay balanced when the world is blanketed with a pandemic which is creating a tsunami of fear. The fear of uncertainty is challenging for even the strongest leaders.

It is also a part of human nature to imagine the worst, but do we have to? Let’s not underestimate our intelligence and know that world experts in this field are rising to the occasion and doing their best to come up with a fast solution.

For the rest of us, staying in ‘fear mode’ is exhausting, and when our energy is depleted or scattered by confusion, we create the perfect environment for a virus to thrive.

Self-awareness and self-regulating our emotions while we are ‘social-distancing’ is crucial.

Feelings of fear, frustration, anger and grief depletes our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing, putting us out of balance.

When we feel these emotions knocking us about, simply bring your awareness to your heart and imagine your breath flowing through your chest area, breathing a little deeper than usual. Do this for at least 5 minutes, 3 times a day.

Heart-focused breathing™ calms the heart rhythms and brings a state of active-calm and alertness. This simple technique is the first step to quickly reducing feelings of fear and anxiety.

We are all connected through an electromagnetic energy field and each time the heart beats a magnetic field is produced and travels into the collective energy field. If we are beating to the rhythm of calm and balance, we are positively influencing the field environment that surrounds us. It takes 350,000 people globally to positively affect the field.*

You can experiment for yourself. Be aware of what happens to your energy when you are focusing on the ramifications of this virus. Now become aware of your energy when you hear the news about Aussie researchers discovering a piece of the puzzle on how the immune system may fight the virus.

We have a choice to live in fear or to live in the potential of life.

To help you live in a mindset of potential, or at least stay neutral through these trying times, please access my free guided relaxation/creative visualisation track and a music-only track written and created by the legendary guitarist Louie Shelton from my website.

If you find the challenges are far too overwhelming, Pellowah Healing can help! Please do not hesitate to contact me to receive a remote healing from the comfort of your own home.

Join our Global Coherence Network by clicking the link to the Global Coherence app. You can also download the tracks to my guided meditation and follow along at home.

Love and Light


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