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Inspirational Vibrations


Energise • Release • Inspire

Welcome to Inspirational Vibrations. Our energy is the fuel for our body, mind and spirit. We can all relate to feeling ‘high’ or ‘low’ even without being fully conscious of our energy levels. By being aware of our energy and strengthening this, we can positively affect our physical and soul well-being.



1-on-1 and group sessions for individual needs, including Pellowah healing, guided meditation, yoga and intuitive life coaching


Learn resilience skills for stress management, optimal function and innovative action in the workplace with our HeartMath Institute Resilience Advantage Training Program


Boost performance and encourage “living a life with purpose” with our personal development program for young people struggling with school work and social relationships

"I love our weekly yoga and meditation sessions with Irenee. Her passion and intuition inspired me through a really difficult time, and her energy healing helped bring a sense of purpose back into my life. I can't thank her enough!"

—  James


Guided meditation

Listen to my guided meditation tracks and follow along with group breathing exercises using the Heart Math Global Coherence Group app.

Meditation Class

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Bulimba, Brisbane 4171 

Ph: 0402 237 470


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