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The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

I have been reading lately about many theories as to why we live in a dual reality, meaning a world of paradoxes, theories from the splitting of the atom to major catastrophe theories including the Big Bang. 

It is interesting that our human mind has a strong need to know why we are here and how we got here. Many people spend their life time trying to work this out which is great stimulation for the mind and let’s face it us humans need that stimulation, it beats watching the mind numbing reality TV shows that have swamped us over the past years and actually may have added to the reason why we need to search so much about our origins.  We think it also keeps the stress levels down working things out from a macro point of view.

We often have a need to look outside ourselves to accept that we’re ok hence the search for some logic as to what it’s all about. Some of us are tested over and over again at each crossroad we approach in life.

We all know that life is full of change. We are not just the actors in a big stage production we are also the directors so we’re writing the story. At the end of the production the final curtain falls.

Our life comes in many shades of colours from vibrant to the more subdued and we can pick any colour or range we choose.

But who is picking the colours in our life? Life changes but our spirit never does. Sometimes we just forget about our spirit and we let the mechanical brain take over and then we get caught up in the small stuff and if you believe the Buddha it’s all small stuff as he sees beyond illusion of the grand stage.

We want to live a spirited life not a spiritual life. So many people go outside of themselves in search of a spiritual life to stumble across it within them just like the Buddha did when he stopped and sat under the Bodhi tree.

We need to honour and validate our true selves on a daily basis to live a spirited life. Our spirit is our higher intelligence vibrating at a higher frequency. It sustains the body by giving it fuel to create the life it intends to live.

You find your spirit in the present moment and it is a feeling. Ekhart Tolle teaches, if you are not in a state of acceptance, enthusiasm or joy you are not living from your spirited self. You are living from a place of negative self-judgment he would call the ego-self. Let go and accept, forgive yourselves and others for past mistakes and hurts. Surrender to your own truth and live a life full of spirit.

We all have gifts within us to give.  Draw on your spirit to have the courage to give those gifts feeling the connection to each and everyone and you will receive in return the magic of life. 

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