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We are in this world, but not of it.

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

“We are in this world but not of it”

I am beginning to feel and live this now more than just understand.  When your energy is vibrating at a higher frequency you are looking at life like a play from an audience perspective.  You move into the observer more and live in the gap but not missing out on life.  You ‘re still playing but because your vibrations are up there you just can’t get caught up in the vibration of worry, anxiety, fear etc.  You see it from a whole different perspective and the idea of life being an illusion becomes your reality because it is as it is.  You lose the emotional attachment to it and stay in a field of compassion and love.  Your wisdom grows.

I experienced this most strongly when I visited the sacred sites of Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras.  To maintain this I have Pellowah energy attunements and sound vibration healings.  I am a strong advocate of energy healing because I experience wellbeing in my physical, emotional bodies and my soul is more than at peace.  

This is very simple to achieve if you start to see life as energy and understand that we do live with positivity and negativity.  

You can keep yourself mentally up by saying positive affirmations but your spirit/soul doesn’t lie, if you are not vibrating at that positive frequency it is just a head-trip.

My teacher explained to me many years ago that we are “Beings of Light“ and when squeezed only light should come out.  

That is a true positive vibrational being.   That is the test!  We are just like the stars in the sky, no different but we’re just in a different shape and form.  

We live amongst the duality but we are not the duality we are one.  

“There is one light and it shines through many windows”.  –  Now famous quote from my friend’s very wise father.

The curtain hasn’t fallen over our windows.

Keep shining!

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