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Resilience program for schools

Personal development program

This is a personal development program for young people struggling with academic and social relationships, boosting performance with the aim to “living a life with purpose”. 


This program is based on best practices and research developed at HeartMath Institute for teaching young people to respond to stress in a positive way.  

Students will learn:

  • To see from a new perspective

  • Identify emotions 

  • Intelligent Energy Management – what depletes & renews ones’ energy

  • Physiology of coherence – a little understanding of neuroscience to understand the relationship between the heart and the brain.

  • Tools for inner poise becoming “actively calm”

  • Tools to Prep and Reset

  • People Relationships

  • Responsible Decision-Making

This is delivered through a series of videos, worksheets and activities

Tailor made programs

The program can be tailor made for your school's timetable and needs, and is suitable for any number of students - small groups to whole cohorts.

Below are a few examples of session times and costs. Programs can be delivered weekly or fortnightly, in 50 or 90mins sessions. One-off sessions are also available to prepare for QCS, general exams or after a stressful exam period at the end of term. 

One off


1/2 day


Full day


4 weeks


7 weeks


Programs and Workshops can be tailor-made for your organisation. Get in touch for a free consultation.

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